Pesticide residue free fruit and vegetables?

YES PLEASE! – awareness of food safety is high on the agenda of consumers, retailers and our environmental consciousness. If you are an European producer of fruit and vegetables you are now able to become ZERYA® certified by Baltic Control Certification® and through this certificate to prove that the food products leaving your facilities are free from pesticide residues*.


Who created ZERYA®?
Zerya® is a private quality trademark that belongs to ‘Zerya Producciones sin Residuos S.L.’, and it represents the effort of many years of research dedicated to define fruit & vegetable production systems that can guarantee a residue free* final product.

The benefits of becoming ZERYA® certified?
The goal of ZERYA® is to provide an opportunity for differentiation to companies with highly qualified technicians, through a coordinated effort and the conviction that it possible to produce safe food in a cost-effective way through a rational use of agricultural inputs and that can lead to a sustainable production system, environmentally friendly and capable of fulfilling customers’ requirements.


The certification process
As independent certification body, Baltic Control® Certification has been selected and trained to certify the ZERYA® standard, which means that the registered producers are inspected and certified by experienced auditors from Baltic Control® Certification.

During audit at the producers facilities Baltic Control® Certification makes sure that standard compliance is assured by taking samples and through accredited laboratories run MRL analysis of these samples to verify the standard fulfillment.


Do you want to know more? 
If you want further information about the ZERYA® standard and/or want to receive an offer that fits your particular company, please do not hesitate to contact us on tel.: +45 39 39 01 35 or by e-mail

*Within the ZERYA® standard, residue free means that any active ingredient is determined under 0,01 ppm when analyzed.

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